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Are Borers chewing up your Furniture? Exterminate them at Low Prices

Borers are also known as Wood Borers will chew up your wooden furniture and you will not even know. Borers are hard to spot as they make their nest inside the wood. The problem of wooden borers can be controlled if one pays attention regularly to the furniture and other wooden stuff. The borers are most dangerous when they attack your property’s structure from within. 

So in case, if you see small holes in your furniture then you should contact our professional company. Pest Control Casey is working relentlessly to provide the best service in the whole of Casey. Our company has one aim that is to make the life of people in Casey stress-free. Being a native company of Casey we understand basic needs and problems and provide Best Borer control Casey services in Casey. Book an appointment with us at 02 6105 9139

Borer Control Casey

Why You Need Expert Borer Pest Control Services

You may find thousands of DIY ways to control the borers on the internet.  But here are the following reasons 

  • Perfect tools and knowledge- A professional service provider will have all the required knowledge and tools. This allows professionals to provide efficient results.
  • Trained Professional-  The Professionals are trained and know how to handle all the products and equipment.
  • Safe methods- All the professionals will use all the measures to secure the service first and then will perform the services.
  • Guaranteed results- whenever a professional performs the services the results are always guaranteed. They have all the knowledge and everything to give you your desired results.

Different Services our Company offers

Our company offers various services to our clients. All of our clients. These services are helpful for people who are extremely busy all the time too. 

✔ Domestic Borer control

If you are seeing the signs of borer in your home then it is time for you to call for a professional. Our company is perfect for this job as we offer a domestic borer control service and will provide you the best Home borer Control service.

✔ Restaurant Borer control Casey Service

Borers in a restaurant can damage much more than just wooden structures and furniture. If by chance a guest spots the borer then your goodwill can also be damaged. So prevent that by hiring our Restaurant Borer control service and let us take care of everything. 

✔ Pre-purchase Borer inspection

Experience the best pre-Purchase borer inspection with our company. Our Borer exterminators will make a detailed report and will explain everything in detail. 

✔ Emergency Borer control services 

Emergency Borer control Casey services are specially built for any emergency cases or for people who are busy all the time. Our company will arrive at your property in less than one hour whenever you will appoint us. 

✔ Borer inspection and removal

If you want Borer inspection service and removal of the borer too. Then book our Borer inspection and removal service. We will completely inspect the property, make a report, and will inform you of everything before proceeding with the removal of the borer. 

✔ Same day Borer control

If you want borer control Casey service on the same day without any prior notice. Then our other exclusive service is just for you. We can provide you excellent borer treatment service on the same day with no pre-appointment and that too at a very affordable price.

Why should you Book our professional Borer Treatment service?

  • All-time Availability – Our company operates all day and night. In other words, we are open 24*7 for you to provide you excellent services at any time you need. 
  • Safe Products and Methods- Our company tries to provide the services with as much safety as possible. That is why all the products we use are either completely non-hazardous or very low in harmful chemicals. Even all the methods we will perform are pre-tested in training or practice drills.
  • Best Value- Our company will only offer you the best services at the best value. Our company tries to keep the charges as affordable as possible.
  • Clients Testimonials- You can read so many of our client’s testimonials which are enough to prove we are the best.
  • Certified Company- Our company has all the licenses and certificates to work in a legal and authorized manner.

Case Study

Oliver called for our domestic borer control service on Monday. We reached the appointed time at property time. Our team started the procedure which lasted for around 3 to 4 hours. To treat the borers completely thoroughly. Moreover, the results were enough to make Oliver happy. Furthermore, he said to call us regularly.

Why do we love to work in Casey?

Casey is the most famous municipality of Victoria with a population of around 340,000. Places like Wilson Botanic Park, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria,  Berwick Springs Wetlands Reserve, etc. make Casey even more spectacular. We are in love with Casey and hope to see you soon to remove the borers from your property.


1.  What is the best way to kill borer at home? 

To kill a borer the best way is to use borate based-solutions. You can put the solution in a spray bottle or you can use some other method like a dripper to put the solution directly on the borer. 

2.  What type of place is required for borer to lay eggs?

Females borer lay their eggs in the cracks or holes in the timber mostly. It takes larvae 3 to 4 years to mature and make their way out.

3.  Can you provide Borer control service on Weekends too in Casey? 

Yes, our company can provide you Best Borer control services in Casey any time you want. Whether it is a weekend or public off.

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Borer Control Casey
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