3 Unwelcome Things Borer Can Bring Into Your Home

Borers are pests that are like tiny beetles that mainly survive on wood. They bore and create small holes in the wooden items that are available in the home. Right from cupboard to doors, all these will get damaged if there are borers in your home. Along with this, there are many unwelcome things that borers can bring into your home. So, some of them are mentioned here-

  1. Damage to all the wooden items

Damage to the furniture and wooden items is one of the unwelcome things that one can witness in their home because of boredom. No matter how new or expensive your furniture is, borer can cause huge damage to each wooden item. They usually create a bore on the surface to damage it. Also, there will be damage to the structural timber and wooden fittings if the borer is not removed from the home. If you’re seeing wooden dust all over your home then this means there’s an infestation in your home. To prevent damage to the furniture and other wooden items, you need to do a Borer inspection service by calling the professionals.

  1. Causes health issues

Borers in the home can bore wooden items such as doors, furniture, and cupboards. This will cause a lot of wooden dust which is not good for breathing. Borer is mainly a timber damaging pest that can invade your home and damage the furniture. The dust all over the home can cause breathing problems for the people leaving inside the home. Not just this, there can be skin allergies and skin rashes because of dust. Therefore, it’s crucial to control them to prevent such problems in the home. If you find these pests dwelling in corners of your home or on wooden items then immediately call the professionals for pest control.

  1. Brings diseases with them

Another unwelcome thing that borers can bring into your home is diseases. The infestation of borers in the home means the spread of various diseases. Borer carries the diseases with them and can be harmful. Borer can have harmful effects on your and your family’s health as they cause infestation and a lot of wooden dust all around the home.

As the borers can carry pathogens and bacteria along with them, there are chances of spread of diseases in the home. In such a situation, the best thing would be to call a team of Professional Pest Controllers to do the borer control. This will help in removing the borer from your home effectively.


The issue of wood borer is a common issue that can be seen in many homes. These are mainly pests that bore the wooden items and create a lot of dust in the home. Not just this, there can be many damages and health related problems that wood borers can bring with them into the home. Thus, there’s a need to conduct a pest removal process in the home. Hire the best pest control today.